Coronavirus updated

The American Dental Association and the Georgia Board of Dentistry have encouraged the dental community to stop elective procedures for the next three weeks. We as dentists and hygienists are at the front line of creating aerosols and sprays when doing cleanings and other procedures.  To protect both our staff and our patient base, we must limit the potential to spread this novel virus.  What this means for our practice and you as our patient.

  • We will be rescheduling all cleanings through April 3rd.
  • We will be rescheduling smaller and non-symptomatic fillings
  • We WILL be seeing Emergency patients (deep cavities, broken teeth, painful teeth, and infected teeth) to lower the burden on the emergency departments at local hospitals.
  • If your appointment is with us after April 6th we will keep everything as normal for now.

Thanks so much for your understanding and trusting us to do the right thing at the right time.  Again we hope these drastic measures push down the spread and impact of this horrible virus. You all are the best patients a dentist could ever ask for!!! My cell phone is on the voicemail message if you are having an emergency.


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