Reopening softly on May 19!!!

Much has been happening over the course of the last eight weeks!!!  I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, but have also enjoyed some much needed business forensics and family time.  I thank all of you for being patient with our reopening, because much thought and preparation had to occur before restarting.  Our schedule will be more spread out and fewer hygienists will be working at any one time.  We will have some new protocols and will be screening patients, the details of which are in the email we sent which I will post on our Facebook page. We will be staffed all this week with phone warriors, who will be going through our very long list of reschedules.  If you want in for a more urgent matter, please call us.  We plan to be here this week Tuesday-Friday 8-3 each day.

The COVID pandemic has certainly decimated much in the ways of life, business, community and trust.  It has also created space for many of us who are too busy to realize the important things in life and grieve where we were blind to those who need us most. Thankfully, this season of unemployment has given me clarity for the sake of my family, my business, my health and my heart. I hope the same for all of you!


Dr. Dave McNay


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