ZocDoc appointments

As you may well be aware, we have this awesome BLUE button on our restdental website that allows you to access our schedule and do your scheduling online. It is through a cool company called ZocDoc, and historically they have been awesome to us although they have changed some of their policies as of late. AS A RESULT we ask you ONLY press the button on our website and not through their website. As long as you schedule through our website our profile is visible, but if you go straight to their website they reserve the right to make my entire profile disappear.  Slippery sales tactics? Trying to increase their power over practices? The cost of doing business? You get to decide… Either way we long for new patients but will not be receiving them through ZocDoc anymore. )^; We really appreciate your kindness in word-of-mouth and internet/social media referrals which are an honor that we guard jealously.  May your summer be happy and bright!


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