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We are a Brookhaven dental practice providing comprehensive General, Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry services. Restoration Dental is designed and built for patients just like you. We offer the most advanced, convenient, and comfortable care possible.

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Expanding Our Minds

I have always loved imagining things, often to my detriment in staying in the present, but I find it nearly impossible to survive unless I am expanding my thoughts. The key to maintaining my dreamer status is to surround myself with a team of people that collectively weigh in, respectfully pressure test and then consistently execute by setting and attaining goals.  I am lucky to be companions with a thoughtful, incredible team to m

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We Are Worth Much More

In the 1960’s dental insurance was instituted to help pay for dental work with an annual max of $1000, and if translated to today’s dollar the max would roughly be $6000 worth of benefits per year!  The trend, as we have all experienced, is that insurance’s $1000 max has stayed the same and the dollar is worth less. Problems show up in the ever-decreasing benefits offered, in the idea that we should be limited to the treatme

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