Dental Membership Plans: Your Path to Accessible Dental Care

If you are tired of navigating the complexities of dental insurance or worrying about surprise bills, our Dental Membership Plans may be the perfect solution. 

Membership plans provide a scheduled payment process for adults and children that provides a reliable alternative to otherwise spotty dental coverage. We’ve built packages that include all of the preventative services you need to maintain your oral health throughout the year. 

Breaking Down Our Membership Plan

Our membership plan is a subscription-based approach to dental coverage, giving patients a direct link to our practice without having to handle insurance claims. You choose to pay a monthly or annual fee, and that fee covers a structured set of services we’ve curated with our patients in mind. 

We’ve included your regular cleanings, screenings, and x-rays. Should any accidents occur, you’ll also be covered for 1 emergency visit per year, with a discount on any additional treatments. 

What Aren’t Dental Membership Plans

Our membership plan is not a discount or savings plan, and it isn’t insurance. With discount and savings plans, you’re typically working with a third party provider. The Restoration Dental plan is created by our team specifically for you, our patient. 

Dental insurance, whether provided through employment or purchased independently, can be pretty unreliable with a complex claims process. The provider decides what is covered, which often leaves a lapse in coverage for treatments and services you need.

What we offer is a transparent, reliable option with as little uncertainty as possible. If you ask us a question about your coverage, we’ll have the answer. No claims necessary. 

How Dental Membership Plans Benefit Patients

Our goal with this plan, and in everything we do, is to improve your dental care. Through our membership plans, patients will have an option that is:

  1. More Accessible: Our monthly and annual payment plans provide uninsured patients with a financially flexible option to make preventative care and treatments more affordable. 
  1. Easy to Manage: Through the DentalHQ platform, patients will receive reminders to schedule their check-ups.
  2. Less Stressful: The insurance claims process is stressful not only for patients, but dental professionals.  Our Plans offer a straightforward billing and payment process, reducing surprise expenses for patients.
Want to Learn More? 

If you are underinsured, uninsured, or simply want to be free from  traditional dental insurance, explore our dental membership plans. We’ve created plans for children and adults that are patient-centric, transparent, and cost-effective – packed with all of the services you need to maintain your oral health. 

Have any questions?  Give us a call. We’ll consult with you and help you decide if a membership plan is right for you.


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