Dental Implants Simplified

One of these teeth is an implant, so guess which one it may be! The game can be challenging if you aren’t a dental professional, but don’t feel bad, because it is difficult especially from this drawing to surmise which tooth is the implant. When we finally evolve to have x-ray vision we will be able to distinguish quickly, but until then we will have a hard time differentiating between real and manufactured. The joys of the implant are its aesthetic beauty, its cleansability, and its integration into the body.  The world of dentistry has become ever more sophisticated about the engineering and science behind this little work of art. We at Restoration Dental have integrated 3 dimensional optical scans to replicate adjacent teeth in shape and shade, as well we integrate a 3 dimensional x-ray unit which is amongst the lowest radiation of its kind that allows us to place our implants precisely.  Our processes are top-notch and we would love to show you in person how our team works together to deliver a lifelike and sturdy replacement for your missing tooth. We are working hard to make you(r) smile.


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